The Reclaimers

The Reclaimers scour the Citadel and infiltrate other socities to take back ancient artifacts and knowledge lest they be lost to another Conflagration.

The Reclaimers hierarchy is as follows:

The Archlibrarian, who presides over the Librarian Counsel.

The Librarian Counsel, who meet, judge, and decide on the future actions of the Reclaimers. There are 20 Counselors.

Archivists, who are the eyes and hands of the Librarian Counsel. They also serve as “team leaders” to the inquisitors. Every Counselor has two archivists who serve under him or her.

Inquisitors, who search the Citadel for lost relics and knowledge. Many work side-by-side with the archivist who leads them. But many work independently as well, only returning to report to their archivist every so often. Every archivist has five inquisitors at his disposal.

The Reclaimers

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